I love fresh beginnings and the start of something new.  I have recently built a quieter life for myself on the island of Mallorca and created my dream home again living in the sunshine. I love the sound of silence and the feeling of sea salt on my skin, warm summer nights and falling asleep to the sound of crickets.  I am a yogi and cat lover. I love art and to paint, mosaic and decorate. I love capturing that perfect moment.

I was born and raised in South Africa. I moved to Europe when I was 19, living first in London, then moving to Paris two years later. My journals were filled with photos capturing the adventure, and it was here that I began to pursue a more serious interest in photography. My own unique style began to take shape, and it was when I finally moved to Vienna, that the world of wedding photography opened up to me. I finally discovered a passion very close to my heart.


I lived in Vienna for 12 years where I worked as a destination wedding photographer covering a wide variety of cultural weddings and locations such as the Seychelles, Bali, Sri Lanka, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Sardinia, Chile, Prague, India and USA to name a few. I appreciated having the opportunity to travel the world and document such a wide range of different cultures and religions.

I prefer to work in the background, unobtrusively and calmly, from where I can quietly observe; allowing the spontaneity of your guests to emerge and being there to capture it. These are the true memories of each unique wedding; the laughter, the tears and the warm tender moments. These are the memories that you will carry with you into the future.

I truly believe getting to know you is invaluable in allowing me to familiarise myself with your passions, interests and cultural backgrounds. This helps me to achieve the very best working relationship.



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